Emotional day

I am having one of my bad days again today. I have no where else to vent but in here. So here goes it.

I have a roommate who is draining me, and van that is ready for the road, and a job waiting for me in NY, Darien Lake to be exact. It will be for 6 months. I have 5 weeks from yesterday to head out. I am to that breaking point again, and really can’t be here any more.

Grandma doesn’t seem to need me around, which is fine, so what do I do. Payday is on Monday, and I am leaving. I don’t know where I will go yet. As I need to stick close to home to fill meds before I leave. This dang roommate will be getting rid of his car and I don’t care. So I have to figure out some way to get out, as he seems to have a leash on me, and I can’t go anywhere or do anything without him tagging along.

I scheduled him an appt for tomorrow for his back, and he is already complaining about it. He wants things handed to him, doesn’t seem to want to work for it. I’m scared to go in a way cause I’m scared he will sell my tractor and other stuff. He done already made a stupid trade anyway and now I have something to cut grass I’m scared to use. I’ve got to figure out a way to get him out. Not sure really how I’m going to do that. Was hoping for ideas. I needed to vent so figured in here was the best way to vent.

The crazy sounds of spring around here.

Gotta love living in the country. I have a neighbor who has a very large shop, and he plants corn every season. Boy today it’s getting under my skin. I’m a gonna go out and blare the nice expensive speaker box in my van, and drive them crazy. He came and moved some big limbs from the yard way after we had the bad winter weather tearing up the yard like crazy. But has never been back to fix it. Actually I don’t think he has ever fixed anything around here. Anyway I was out a good part of the day yesterday raking up debris from the winter in my front yard, or my back yard. Not even sure what it is as the front door faces the yard not the road like it’s supposed to. Anyway had to share the noises that are trying to tear up my nerves today.

I got a good part of the yard cleaned up, and it looks better already. My birds and even squirrels have been busy probably building nests, and sitting on eggs. So I am sure I will have a slew of young birds to take care of. Now I am hearing him dragging something across the cement, something heavy, and ugh, I can’t stand it any more. I am going to be going out, and work in the yard and work off my frustration. Roommate’s back is killing him, and he is sleeping with the heat pad on.

Any dibs on helping me clean this house? I have to do the yard work and clean in the house, and don’t hardly get any help. Gotta love a man that can’t do, and leaves me to fend for myself most of the time around here. When he does do something he complains.

My Flying Squirrels

I only recently have noticed through the help of google id discovered I had flying squirrels in the yard. It happened on Friday March the 8th while I was outside trying to scare off the Possom that has been feeding off my bird and squirrel food. I spotted it climbing up the tree right behind the possum who was very high in the tall pine. I finally gave up trying to get the Possom to get away from the feeders I have on the tree and came back to the deck.

My roommate told me, I just saw something flying from that tree to the other tree where the other feeders are closer to the house. So I got my spotlight out, and saw it scurry very quickly in and out of the box, it’s big red eyes starring at me while I shined the light on it. Being determined what the creature was that is when I went inside and realized it was a flying squirrel. I have never seen one until tonight.

Then on Saturday night after dark, after I turned off the lights, I waited in the dark in my chair and noticed movement on the tree again. It was not one but two flying squirrels. How lucky am I. I sat there for a good while watching them going from one feeder to the other, and scurrying up and down the tree. They are so different from the regular brown or grey squirrel I see.